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At ManaCare Health we feel that no two patients are treated equal. Our Pharmacogenomic Lab optimization services seek to help medical laboratories put together the best possible programs for their clients to help them better identify the most effective drug treatment therapy possible for their patients.

Understanding More.

Until recently medication has been one size fits all. However, through modern genomic research we are now better able to understand how medication works on an individualized level and the professional medical community is beginning to apply this knowledge in the fight against chronic diseases as well as in the development of new treatment options for patients.

Treat Better.

At ManaCare Health we seek to help our clients develop more comprehensive testing protocols which will enable the healthcare community to develop safer and more effective medications and dosing guidelines that can be custom tailored to each individual in turn providing faster recovery times, improved patient outcomes and less adverse reactions.

Innovations for the Future of Medicine

Our commitment to empowering healthcare with the latest advances in medical laboratory technology and innovation are what makes us different.