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Improve patient management, prevent secondary spread of
infection, prevent the use of unnecessary antibiotics, provide more
timely and effective treatment and lead to shorter hospital stays.

Redefining Laboratory
Management through

The latest in
Pharmacogenomic Testing.

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and engagement.

Better patient outcomes
through laboratory

At ManaCare Health our goal is to provide the healthcare industry with cutting edge technology driven healthcare solutions that help provide better outcomes for everyone involved.

By looking for innovative ways to streamline processes, increase accessibility and provide reporting and analytics that drives outcomes, ManaCare Health is making it easier for labs and healthcare organizations across the United States deliver more, faster.

Let ManaCare help drive the operational efficiencies your lab needs to increase your marketshare and profit.

Maximize your revenue by leveraging ManaCare’s medical laboratory billing expertise.

Ensure that all aspects of your operations are running as efficiently as possible.

Get the insights you need to make better decisions for your organization.

What we Offer

ManaCare Health provides healthcare systems and independent medical laboratories with streamlined services related to operations, medical billing, compliance and more to help mitigate risk and increase revenue optimization.

Our goal is to draw upon research and experience to provide our clients with the most innovative services possible.

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Our turn-key services allow the physician, physician partners and distribution channels to focus on their practice while relying on ManaCare to manage new laboratory services and revenue opportunities. We employ state-of-the-art technology in all of our laboratory facilities to ensure delivery of the most current and accurate clinical services to all of our partners.

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Our representatives at ManaCare are committed to creating programs that produce a clear return on investment for their organizations.

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For information about partnering with ManaCare please contact Keith Gray, CEO of ManaCare to learn more about potential opportunities.

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